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Sculpture Park Living

Clear Water Bay Peninsula North

Today, The Artisanal Movement pioneered by New World Development’s Executive Vice-Chairman and Joint General Manager Adrian Chi-Kong Cheng is embedding the Sculpture Park idea into residential living, to offer personalised living experiences of self discovery for residents. The Artisanal Movement is a journey of expanding one’s imagination through persistency in delivering bespoke craftsmanship manifested by originality with deep understanding towards customers’ needs. The unparalleled unique ambience created by sculpture parks fits in perfectly with the key concepts of the Artisanal Movement.

By incorporating sculpture parks into daily life, New World Development is creating a new lifestyle for tomorrow called “Sculpture Park Living,” which is epitomised in their breakthrough residential project: MOUNT PAVILIA.

This idea is exemplified in the four artwork pieces present in the MOUNT PAVILIA Sculpture Park. Created by renowned artists, each piece is specially crafted to complement the environmental ambience, and allow residents to touch, and even lie on the pieces.

Each artist was invited to interpret their own meaning of the word “Home and Family,” and create sculptures with individuality and unique characteristics that would inspire residents to develop their own creative interpretations of artisanal living.

The pieces were crafted by Gao Wei Gang, Kum Chi Keung, Tatiana Trouvé and Jean-Michel Othoniel. Gao Wei Gang and Tatiana Trouvé were both inspired by daily objects seen in their homes.

Gao uses children’s building blocks as the inspiration behind his creation of “Home” (2015). The art piece is comprised of large marble blocks forming a fun house for hopping on, diving through and imaginative play. Through the mega blocks, Gao articulates the indispensable connection between people, nature and art.

Trouvé’s “Waterfall” (2013) uses flowing water and bronze mattress to create a surreal waterfall design. Mattress is a space on which our stories lie, moment of intimacy, platforms for our dreams, Trouvé brings together a mattress and water to evoke a uni

Kum Chi Keung and Jean-Michel Othoniel use nature to portray their abstract ideas of home. Jean-Michel Othoniel’s “Clear Water Bay’s Rebounds” (2015) connects glistening balls in a fluid form, creating the appearance of water drops. In this piece, he assembles large beads to imitate the motion of water droplets after a splash, forming the infinity symbol, expressing endlessness.

Kum Chi Keung’s “Share” (2015) turns a familiar giant apple into a chair, inviting people to sit and savour the surrounding environment. Apple is a fruit of health and love, the sculpture not only brings a sense of familiarity, but also symbolises the value and importance of family.